The Gang




Mike is our Senior Graphic Designer. He gained a BA hons in Fine Art in Kent and then continued his studies in Graphic Design at the University of the Arts London. Mike has worked for several large firms as a designer, gaining experience and defining his style before starting Artillery Designs. Mike is passionate about providing fantastic designs and is used to working under pressure in order to hit those all important deadlines!


FUN FACTS: Mike enjoys a battered sausage and chips and is a great Buck Rogers Fan!





Sarah is an experienced designer having worked at several universities before getting on board with Artillery Designs in 2014. She has a skill for discerning our clients exact needs and has a knack for translating design speak into real language! She is a stickler for copy and layouts!


FUN FACTS: Sarah enjoys a deep pan margharita pizza and wants to cruise around the world!





Jack is our junior junior team member. Skills include singing, dancing, dribbling and staying awake for days at a time on virtually no sleep at all! He enjoys partying through the night and is highly accomplished at making a mess in record time.


FUN FACTS: Jack is partial to a chocolate biscuit and can demolish one in under 20 seconds!